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Peer Mentorship Programs

Peer mentorship programs allow students to make connections with their peers, foster community, and help students feel more confident in their transition to UC San Diego. 

Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) for Undergraduate Students

Global Ambassadors Program (GAP)

The Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) is a summer-only peer-mentoring program designed to assist incoming undergraduate international and out-of-state students in acclimating to a new environment and making a smooth transition into university life at UC San Diego.

The program pairs incoming undergraduate students with current student mentors (GAP Mentors can be international students, out of state students, or Californian students) in order to encourage cross-cultural exchange and create a positive transition and adjustment process for incoming students. GAP Mentors provide friendly support in order to engage our incoming undergraduate international and out-of-state students and help them create solid relationships within our campus community. Being a GAP mentor is a CCR approved unpaid leadership and volunteer opportunity.  

GAP Mentors introduce incoming international and out-of-state students to life at UC San Diego through: 

  • Pre-Arrival Communication
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Social Gatherings

Have questions about the Global Ambassador Program (GAP)? Email 

Incoming International or Out of State Student? Apply to be a GAP Mentee!

As a new international or out-of-state undergraduate student, you will be assigned one GAP mentor. GAP is a free program that is provided to you by the International Students & Programs Office (ISPO) and I-House at UC San Diego. Once you confirm your enrollment at UC San Diego, your mentors will be given your contact information and will reach out to you over summer so that you can communicate before you arrive on campus at UC San Diego. As a mentee, we expect that you take full advantage of the resources available to you, ask your mentors questions, and participate in GAP activities/events to make your transition to campus a success!  

All incoming undergraduate international and out-of-state undergraduate students are able to apply! Please note, mentee spots are limited. We encourage you to apply early to secure a spot in the program.

Apply to be a GAP Mentee HERE

Current International or Out of State Student? Apply to be a GAP Mentor!

GAP is a voluntary position for students to draw on their college experience to advise incoming international and/or out-of-state students. GAP Mentor responsibilities are as follows:

  • Attend a GAP Mentor Training during Spring Quarter 
  • Maintain contact throughout the summer with GAP coordinators & assigned summer contacts 
  • Maintain communication with mentees regularly via email, social media, phone, or whatever works best for both the mentee and mentor  
  • Assist incoming student mentees with their transitions 
  • Act as a resource and provide information to mentees about available campus resources 
  • Contribute to the GAP program by proposing ideas, organizing events and giving feedback 
  • Attend GAP events throughout the academic year (e.g. GAP Mixer in the beginning of Fall Quarter) 

Criteria for GAP Mentors:  

  • Current Undergraduate student at UC San Diego  
  • GPA of 2.5 or above 
  • Availability to mentor 1-3 incoming students over the summer and meet with them twice in fall quarter 
  • Good interpersonal and intercultural communication skills  
  • Be approachable, trustworthy and reliable 
  • Open and interested in involving your mentee in extracurricular activities 

Apply to be a GAP Mentor HERE

Grad Pals for Graduate Students

Grad Pals

Grad Pals matches incoming graduate students with current graduate students at UC San Diego (most commonly within their same department). This program aims to help new students settle in by giving them the opportunity to ask non-academic related questions, provide them with support during the first few weeks, and ease their transition into graduate life at UC San Diego. 

Sign-up to be a Grad Pal Mentee HERE.

Sign-up to be a Grad Pal Mentor HERE. 

Have questions about Grad Pals? Email